7 throughts on "The Wet Spot"

  1. That just means you’re doing it in bed too much…try the bathroom, shower, floor, stairs (fun), laundry room…
    Send the kids out and get yer asses outta the bedroom!!!

  2. That’s why I always get my husband over to his side. I’ve convinced him that it’s “better” from over there. He’s not really picky about where it happens, just as long as it does, so I’m usually successful in navigating him away from where I sleep. He can keep the cold wet spot.

  3. Funny, perhaps it is the afterglow of being a newlywed – I rather enjoy the wet spot. My hubby and I enjoy being together so much that the whole thing is a wet spot at one point or another.

  4. Is it just me, or is this a rising concern. The fact that media, TV shows depict more and more of this works both ways. It increases awareness, but at the same time, exposes children to the possibility of sleeping with their teacher, their classmate’s mom, and other similar situations.

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