Back to work

Days off are much too short. I have to return to work this morning and I think that this is going to be just as long a week as the last one. They are supposed to break ground on the new restaurant (in my town) within the next two weeks, so hopefully I will get to open it. It would be nice to be that close to home. It just really depends on if I end up taking a promotion before then. My friend that just gave her notice may not back down, and if she leaves they are going to offer her job, which I really don’t want, but they have changed the way that promotions are done recently. I am #1 on the promotion list, and if I turn it down, I go back to the bottom of the list. Right now there are probably four people locally deemed ready for promotion, so I would be after them. Not too big of a deal I suppose. I am just fighting with myself about what I want. The promotion would mean a 15%-40% increase in pay possibly, while just taking the store here in town would greatly benefit my lifestyle. Less spent on gas as well as driving time. Shit what a quandry.

Guess I will have to make up my mind here pretty soon. I am also looking at the fact that once Stephanie has been out of graduate school for two years the Hope scholarship will have been paid back, and we can move if something better comes along. Both of us have talked about moving so that she can teach in a new system, and I could always apply for a promotion elsewehere, or at least a lateral move.

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