DDOS Attacks

Fucking assholes. Got up about 30 or 40 minutes ago, tried to access my site. No go. I finally checked via IP address and did a bit of troubleshooting, and sure enough, it’s down. Sent an email to tech support, and they replied back within a couple of minutes. Apparently it’s DDOS attacks. Damn, must be Hezbollah trying to keep down my poignant wit, or trolls that don’t want you to read my intelligent commentary, or maybe right-wing, ultra-conservative, blue hairs that just don’t like the word fuck. Well, FUCK YOU then.

I have been pretty lucky. I have never seen much downtime with my current provider. Hell, I had more down time when I hosted it via the server in my basement, which is why I moved it offline.

Fine, I posted at MySpace. Then again if I am able to post this it means that my site is back up and the point is moot.

It’s 6:20am now, and the site is back up. Good deal.

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