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At least the US is being straightforward and honest when we didn’t sign the Kyoto treaty, unlike most of the participating countries. Thanks, LL. I also came across an almost unbelievable article about a guy who called in with a dead family member, more than once (and the KID wasn’t dead). Fucker.

Mel Gibson apologizes to the Jews.

Read about the Hit-and-Run Grannies. I know that this is pretty serious and all, but for some reason I am laughing my ass off.

I admit it. I am a big Harry Potter fan. I am eagerly awaiting the last book in the series. I am certainly not a literary critic, but I have been reading SciFi and Fantasy novels since I was five and have always been in love with them. Stephen King, John Irving, and J.K. Rowling got together for a charity fund-raiser and there is a bit of discussion about the final book here

What a fucking maroon..When showing your stolen ID, make sure that the person you are showing it to doesn’t resemble the picture (or have the same name).

AOL finally has a beta version that work under Windows Vista. Good deal. Yeah, I still have AOL. I use the excuse that my account is my grandmother’s only internet access (which is true), but the real deal is that I have had the same email account for 14 years. I use it for 95% of any transactions I make on the internet, and am loathe to give it up. I did read over at CNN the other day that Time-Warner is considering making their aol.com email addresses free, which would be nice. I might have to set up my grandmother with something else, but then again, maybe I will just keep paying for it.

Another article about Castro is here. Nothing new, I guess they are just trying to keep it alive in the news cycle. What I found interesting is that when all this was announced, President Bush was in Miami to talk about the US economy. The US Mission in Cuba finally got power back today after not having it since June 5th. Damn, and I thought I was hot after driving for 20 minutes. Redstate and Val Prieto comment on the fact that the announcement was made AFTER the surgery, not before. Hadn’t thought about that yet, but it’s possible that Castro is in really bad shape or we might never have even known.

Is there anyone out there that does not know to BLOW OUT THE FUCKING FIRE before drinking flaming alcohol? Apparently this stupid bitch doesn’t and is suing Bacardi as a result. Snakes.

Here’s and article about Metallica finally allowing some of their music to be sold on iTunes. It mentions the fact that The Beatles and Led Zeppelin still aren’t being sold, but doesn’t say anything about the other holdout that I would love to see, AC/DC.

I have a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter as a great humanitarian, but he was a terrible president, and he still doesn’t have a clue about politics, particularly politics in the Middle East. His article for the Washington Post “Stop the Band-Aid Treatment” can be found at the link. He has some good points but the fact is that Hezbollah is hiding among the civilian population of Lebanon and Israel is defending itself. It is a tragedy and unfortunate that civilians are being killed, but if Britain or the US had turned pussy during WWII and NOT fire bombed Dresden, or we had not nuked japan, the war would NOT have stopped as fast and the casualties would have been much worse. I would love to see all of the current conflicts stopped without any further death, innocent or otherwise, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Elisson decided to post a picture from the Vman’s recent vacation. WARNING -DON’T click if you have eaten recently.

That’s enough for now. Chris and Stephanie are both at work until after 9pm, so I need to get off my ass and fix the girls something to eat. I did have my employee meeting this afternoon and may post a bit about it later.

Oops. Fucked up my tags and had to repost.

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  1. Here’s the shit though about Gibson and his ‘apology’ – the truth always comes out when someone is drinking, I’ve seen it time and again. To me, he looks like even more of an ass to try and apologize for it. If you’re going to be an anti-semite, be a man, stand up for your bigoted crazy-fundie-attitudes.

  2. I tend to agree with somewhat. Sometimes it is the really ugly side that comes out that stays buried deep, but it does come out.

  3. DNC Throws US Flags In Garbage

    I was listening to Roger on the radio this morning, when I couldn’t believe my ears. Over 12,000 US Flags were thrown into garbage bags to be deposited in the nearest landfill! I guess I should not be surprised, but I am. There are proper ways to

  4. I believe this baby is gone…mom of course knows what happened…I think the whole family does and is obstructing justice… I have a family, I have a son and if I suspected him of wrongdoing I would report it–as much as it would hurt–I LOVE him so much–I could never let his child not see justice…this baby deserves a proper burial…My GOD she is out there with the wildlife,,, the water … she may be scattered all over the place–what about her spirit? she is lost…
    I feel for the family, I have had family members act like jerks and not care about the very peo[ple who cared for them while growing they betrayed them time and time again… some people are just –EVIL–THEY DON’T CARE AND NEVER WILL ….I do believe in a fair trial and would listen to all the evidence, and really try to be fair because there may be a small chance she did let someone take her for profit… but I just don’t think so.

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