I made one of those stupid connections a couple of minutes ago. Steve Huff wrote a piece about pimping out your MySpace profiles. I commented on it, and went on a bit longer than perhaps I should have. I kind of drifted off and realized that I would be better off just posting the rest here.

I hate fashion. I am like a lot of guys. My hair stays the same (actually it is shaved right now) and I pretty much alternate between keeping it extremely short and sometimes I will get lazy and let it grow out a bit. Comb it straight back. Don’t need any of that goop in my fucking hair, or blow drying or styling. If I can’t rub a damn towel on my head and brush back a couple of times I am just not comfortable.

I am the same way with clothing. T-Shirts and Jeans for the most part. My jeans are the same ones I have been wearing for 25 years. Stuck in the late ’70s and ’80s. Straight jeans that actually fit between my beer gut and my hips, not below.

I hate the pants that fall down around your ankles, showing underwear and whatnot. I embarrassed my hostess at work a couple of weeks ago. She came behind the counter to get something and bent over. All I had to say was “Oh, pink today, huh?”. She wore a fucking belt the next day. Of course this is the one that wants to get her own name tattooed on the small of her back. Jesus. All I could think was “reading material if the guy fucking you from behind gets bored”. Couldn’t say that though. I like being able to pay my bills. Her name? Is that in case she forgets or for the stranger she just fucked?

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4 throughts on "Fashion"

  1. Tattoo’s on the lower back huh?

    What did Vince Vaughn say about those in the movie “Wedding Crashers”…something like…”might as well paint a bullseye”

    I’m teasing of course…sorta. I got nothing against the ink..I have a few tat’s myself but young girls with the lower back…ya’ see it everywhere now and the ones that get some weird Chinese symbol just freakin’ kill me…..god knows what them symbols really mean…

    Know what I’m saying? haha..

  2. There is when she is only 16. That is probably what gets me most about it. Her mother has OK’ed her getting the tat.

    I have a couple myself, but strategically hidden where my clothes hide them at work. I wouldn’t have any problem with my kids getting one or more, once they hit 18 and pay for it themselves.

  3. Oh talk her out of getting a “tramp stamp” – anywhere but the lower back!!! noooooooooooo!
    PS – RE: you & fashion, you & my hubby would get along JUST fine…unlike Eric heh heh heh

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