Heat Rash

It has been so fricking hot at work, I have developed a heat rash over the last few days and it is just irritating the crap out of me. Right behind my fucking ball sack, so now I feel miserable and walk like a fool too. What a fucking bonus. Maybe I will stop and buy some diaper rash ointment this afternoon, and keep it in my office at work. That will be a fun conversation starter. I can keep it right next to the two boxes of tampons that I ALWAYS get comments about.

That is actually very simple. I have 25-30 employees at any given time, most of them female. Having your period is no fucking excuse to have to go home (unless it is just nasty, in which case I will send you).

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  1. paper dolls heaven

    I’ve more or less been doing nothing. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I just don’t have anything to say right now. I haven’t gotten anything done for a while. My mind is like a complete blank. I’ve just been letting everything happen without …

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