It is for me anyhow.

Another pretty long week, but this one has not been as bad as the last couple. I may end up having a long day, but I should be at home by 11pm or so. Tommorow is the Queensryche concert in Atlanta. I am looking forward to seeing it with Chris. Everyone else has to work/go to school on Wednesday, I think that S id dreading being up too late. The last show I went to (I think) was the Metallica show at the OMNI right before they tore it down.

We are taking Chris, so this will be the first concert he has ever been to. He wanted to go see the RHCP show, but told me too late, three days after the tickets had gone on sale. Hell, the show sold out the same Saturday that they went on sale.


It’s about 5pm now. I managed to shoot out of there about 1:30 this afternoon, and got a bit of a nap. I am going to have to go back for the next five hours or so.

I may do a bit of posting once I get home. I have been stressing all day over something but really don’t know what I want to write, if anything at all.


Finally finished up. I had a buttload of paperwork to finish before taking my days off, so I worked the floor for a few hours, and then finished my stuff. I think I may watch a bit of TV and then hit the sack.

Apparently my parents have been reading my blog, for some reason I feel ashamed, like I am a little kid and have done something wrong. I would assume this post in particular. That is what I was referring to earlier this afternoon. I don’t know. Have to sort my thoughts out on that one, and maybe post some more tommorow.

I know that I tend to post whatever is floating around in my itty bitty head without thinking too much about it beforehand, so I can see where it would be easy to get your feelings hurt if you didn’t realize that I am not trying to do it on purpose.

Well, hell, I think it is TV time.

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