September 5, 2006

Update on the Natalee Holloway Case

Updated November 2007 – This is an older entry, for the latest updates in the Natalie Holloway Case you will want to read my archives on Natalee Holloway with the latest information on the three young men who have been arrested once again. Please leave a comment and let me know you’ve visited. Update 9-5-2006…Read more

More fun with work

Apparently the auditor is back at my store this morning. That’s actually a good thing. My boss tends to try and manipulate numbers to make things look better than they are. For instance (and I am sure that is why the lady is there), I was off last Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is the last…Read more

Vacation Again

Once again I am on vacation. Even though I just had one a couple of months ago, this is much needed and if I am smart and keep my mouth shut I may be able to sneak an extra one in this year. Fuck ’em. After 20 years it’s not going to kill them to…Read more