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Apparently the auditor is back at my store this morning. That’s actually a good thing. My boss tends to try and manipulate numbers to make things look better than they are. For instance (and I am sure that is why the lady is there), I was off last Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is the last day of the week. We close out our weekly numbers on Wednesday morning. My boss in her infinite wisdom took food $ off of her Tuesday food pull in the computer and added them to Wednesday. The end result of this is to make the food cost on the weekly report look good. The only problem is that it doesn’t fix any problem. It just moves it to the next week and makes it that much harder to fix whatever the real problem is.

The good thing is that I trained the auditor about 18 years ago, and while not really friends, I respect her, and think she is smart enough to figure out what is going on, and to charge whatever shortages she runs to the rightful person. I also have her cell number and will call her shortly to make sure that she knows EXACTLY what is going on, because my boss will lie and throw me under the bus in order to protect herself. That kind of sucks because I like her, and she is supposed to be a friend.

Damn, I wish they had come before I went on vacation. That is the only thing that worries me.

Update – Well, everything was cool. I guess maybe I worry too much. I have seen too many people that work for my company get fucked by people with no integrity, and I always have it in the back of my head that I could get shit-canned any day. That’s a pretty shitty feeling, considering how long I have been with them and how valuable I am to them.

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