Happy Computer

…at least I am happy right now. I pulled a 250gig hard drive out of my media PC and dumped it in my son’s computer. Vista RC1 installed without a hitch. Still can’t sync my iPaq, at least not with Outlook, but that’s OK, couldn’t do it with beta 2 either. Hopefully that will come soon. At least I can browse the web at my own desk, and not be in Stephanie’s way. Now that she uses it a bit more, getting time on the PC between three people is a pain in the ass.

Went back to work today. What a pain in the ass. Five of my waitresses had not gotten their credit card tips for the last two days, and their were no signatures (I make them sign for them) so I had to come off with about 50 bucks. My boss is going to be none too happy, because she will end up paying for that one. I hated to do it, but had to give them the money.

My back is fucking with me again, as well as my blood pressure. I have never had a bp problem, but when I went to the doctor Friday morning before leaving for Helen, it was pretty high. He told me to track it for the next couple of weeks, as it could be cause by my back pain, so once again I am taking pain pills and muscle relaxers, which kind of sucks because I may have to go back to work tonight.

Shit happens I suppose.

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2 throughts on "Happy Computer"

  1. BP is also a genetic trigger. Your doc is right to have you track it, but I’d also be looking into family history if you have it…

  2. My father is one of the first men on his side of the family to live past 50 if that gives you any idea.

    I am going to give it a few days to see how it goes, but I have decided that tommorow will be my last day smoking.

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