Avast!, what be on now?

What be on me playlist that pleasure me ears now?

Black Elk Speaks – Hawkwind
Human Cannonball – Butthole Surfers
Bell Bottom Blues – Eric Clapton
No Way Back – Foo Fighters
Of Wolf and Man Metallica – Metallica
How Many More Times – Led Zeppelin
Life Sucks – Marky Ramone & the Intruders
Panic in Detroit – David Bowie
Double Dare – Bauhaus
Hell Bent for Leather – Judas Priest
Suffragette City – David Bowie
Poor Twisted Me (Acoustic Radio Performance) – Metallica
Bullet Train – Judas Priest
Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground
Promised Land – Queensrÿche
Strange Ways – Kiss
Turn On The Night – Kiss
Into the Labyrinth – David Bowie
Friends – Joe Satriani
Supernaut – Black Sabbath
Lust for Freedom – Grim Reaper

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