Dax posted a bit earlier about progressive rock over at his site, with a small offering as well. As much as I am into the hard stuff, and classic rock, I absolutely love progressive rock from the ’60s and ’70s. I grew up listening to ELP, King Crimson, and Hawkwind to name a few. I commented over there that I was listening to In the Court of the Crimson King: 30th Anniversary Edition. Even though King Crimson remained a great band I loved the stuff that Greg Lake did with them. He did two albums (three if you count the two-disc Epitaph released in 1997) with them before ELP, In the Court of the Crimson King, and In the Wake of Poseidon. The first was most definitely the best. What pisses me off is that none of them can be found at the itunes store.

It’s pretty hard to find some stuff on the internet (like videos from the late ’60’s, but I managed to come up with this short flick called “The Janitor” put together by a dude that uses 21st Century Schizoid Man as the soundtrack.

Very cool.

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  1. I saw King Crimson open up for Tool at Red Rocks in Colorado a few years ago…they were pretty good…I had never listened to them before that.

  2. I used to love King Crimson. Saw them somewhere in 69 or 70. Maybe New Haven. I was really into Ten Years After as well. I loved me some Alvin Lee. (Was that his name? Doesn’t sound quite right)

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