Meeting Day

I had planned on going in to work late today and cook until about 9pm or so in order to let the manager trainee run the store this morning. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.

My DM called me up on Friday to let me know that I was “invited” to attend the leadership dinner (meeting) tonight, and that I have to give a two minute presentation. No big deal. I figured I would get it together this afternoon and go give a short talk on some work-related stuff.

They called me this morning and now I still have to give my presentation, only it has to be more detailed, as well as turning in my copy of my 100 days goals, and my calendar for the next three months. Crap. The calendar I keep up in Outlook anyway, so I had to add a bit to it, now I am working on this other crap. I hate paperwork.

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