Youtube Culturally Significant?

I was checking out comments on a video over at youtube and one dude (I am assuming) called it “Culturally Significant” and declared that this is the “Youtube Decade”. Fucking moron. I attempted to say as much, but I kept getting this page about verifying my email address, even AFTER I verified it. Fuck them, it gives me something to blog about anyway. The advent of the World Wide Web was culturally significant. The creation of Arpanet, then the Internet is significant. The invention of the light bulb, the TV, and the PC were all significant. A web site that allows people to share videos? I think not.

I think that youtube plays a very small but important part in the current incarnation of the World Wide Web, but that is it. It just shows how the Internet is evolving to become a part of our daily lives. Youtube, MySpace, easier and faster shopping, wikipedia, and shitloads of blogs. I can access them from my PC, my TV, my iPaq, even my damn cell phone if I want to. Some of the content, such as youtube, is important to a few people, and help advance the technology that is driving the net, but overall it is just a bunch of dumb fucks looking for something to do rather than watch TV (yes, I am one of those dumb fuckers) or read the newspaper.

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  1. I see youtube as just being another impliment in the playground of the internet. Nothing more..nothing less.

    Significant? Nahh.

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