It’s funny. I don’t really appreciate the daytime until I have been stuck inside from dark to dark for awhile. Not that it’s going to get any easier for me for awhile. I do get to see the outside occasionally, while driving from one store to the other, but that is about it.

I think that I am going to have the new manager do the drawer change in my old store for the next couple of nights though, so that I can spend some time at home before the store opens. My boss is off today and tomorrow thank god, so even though I will be running the district, I won’t have to deal with that. The last couple of weeks as I have spent more time in the new store, she has been pretty pissy about it. I know she understands what I have to do, I think she is just pissed off that she is losing me and getting a new manager in return. That will give her two brand new managers out of three, which is pretty difficult, and we are getting ready to go into the holiday season.

One thing I thought was pretty fucking hilarious that Dax will understand, maybe some others will, has to do with my P&L. We have certain target overalls that we have to hit each operating period They consist of food cost, operating (asswipe and stuff), payroll, and management payroll. Due to various reasons including my extremely high sales (low targets) and the number of people I had to have because I had more seats, I NEVER hit my overall target in my old store. Not in the 42 operating periods that I was there. The closest I ever came was being out about .3 which is somewhere around $150. The new Guy that has been there decided that HE could “hit” so has been working all kinds of doubles, sending people home early, working 3rd shifts and basically doing the shit that I absolutely avoid like the plague, because I hate doubles. We got our P&Ls in yesterday, and he was out .5

Damn, he was pissed. I had been trying to tell him for weeks that he needed to concentrate on getting the hell out of there, and beefing up his staff. The more sales he does there, the more money he will make in other bonuses. You make your money in that store from sheer sales volume, not from great profits. He acted like I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about. I think he gets the point now, or at least I hope he does. I work a lot of hours when necessary, but working 80 hours a week just to cut payroll is suicide in the long run because it runs off your people, and then you are left burnt out.

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