Thanksgiving Dinner

Originally I had not planned to join my family in Atlanta this year for Thanksgiving. I was able to change plans this afternoon and we drove to Roswell and had supper with my family. My Grandmother and Great Aunt were there, as well as my Mom and Dad, and a couple of Aunts. It was nice being able to see them, as I only seem to get to a couple of times a year.

Apparently my family is catching on to this internet thing and at least a couple of them have blogs now. I was not particularly forthcoming about the fact that I have a blog, although my folks now and everyone knows that I had had a web site for several years now. I figure being the only Libertarian in the bunch sort of makes me stand out and I am already pretty good at hurting peoples feelings without trying to hard (made another waitress cry today) so I don’t advertise anymore. I did add links to a couple of my relatives though over in my blogroll.

I had a pretty good time, and wish I could have stayed longer. Since I had to drive home and was already nodding off we decided to go ahead and make the drive home about 7:30 or so. This is the first Thanksgiving that I can remember that wasn’t all rush. Normally I rush out of work at 2pm or 2:30, change, drive to wherever we are eating, then have to rusg back to work and be there by 8pm. Big pain in the ass. Even though we didn’t stay particularly late, I didn’t feel the need to rush back. I did shift change at work last night, and will tommorow night, so my new boss didn’t want me going back in tonight. Works for me.

This will probably be my only entry tonight. With everyone having their Black Friday sales tommorow, I will be extremely busy, so I plan on being in the shop by 5:30, and have my entire first shift scheduled in at 6am. If I don’t get a chance to post again this weekend, I am off on Monday, so maybe I will get a chance then.

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