Anybody want some stew fixins’?

I adopted a cat about a year ago. She is an inside cat. When I adopted her I got most of the shots and stuff. One thing I have not done yet is to get her fixed. I haven’t really worried about it too much, as she doesn’t go outside. Unfortunately the kids have let her out twice in the last month, so now she is pregnant. Around this time in January we should have a bunch of shitten pissen kittens around the house. If Rob were still alive I might have to send him a care package. I know that I won’t have too many problems getting rid of them, but what a pain in the ass.

It’s back to work for me this morning. That one day off after working seven days just kicks my ass. I managed to sleep about nine hours Sunday night, and then went to bed early last night, but tossed and turned for quite awhile, so am pretty tired this morning, and just didn’t want to get out of bed. I need to be able to clone myself.