Megadeth and the Metroplex

There used to be a small club in Atlanta called the Metroplex. If I recall, it was on Marietta Street right down the road from the convention center. Mostly it was used by hardcore bands who would come and play. Lots of all ages shows. After awhile though, I guess they decided to cash in on the cow and started to let “speed metal” bands play there. I got to see early Anthrax there, as well as Motorhead and Megadeth. Lemmy autographed the back of my jeans jacket one year when they played. One of my favorite shows was when Threshold of Pain and some other damn band that actually produced a few albums Hallows Eve opened up for Megadeth. As soon as I hit the Post button I will remember the name of the band I am sure.

My roommates/friends, Eddie and Lewis went to that show with me. I was already working for the company that I still work for, but was not married yet and still hanging out with the guys, so I was probably 20 or so. We rode down in Eddie’s VW Beetle and had a blast. A mile or so from the Metroplex, the fucking engine started smoking and stuff at a stop sign, so he stopped for a minute, and all of a sudden it caught fire. Lewis was sitting in back, shitting a golden brick as he waited for us to get out so he could fly out of the car.

We stood there for a moment pondering what to do, but the solution was already clear. We finally heard the sirens about a half mile later as we were laughing our asses off on the way to the show. Car fire? Who gives a shit, Megadeth was playing. Nobody ever did get in touch with Eddie about his car, so I guess it must have burned beyond recognition.


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