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  1. Do you find that it slows down your computer at all? I had one of those fancy desktop themes awhile back (on an older computer) and things slowed down when it was on.

  2. I used it for awhile under Warp, and have been using it since as well. Adds a little variety.

    Lisa, doesn’t slow mine down at all, Windowblinds actually uses less resources than the stock XP visual style. Some of the other eye candy does, I just make sure not to load skins that use too many resources. Check out for more info. IMO, they offer the best “skinning” programs out there, and the most stable. I’ve been using Windowblinds for about six or seven years now and love it.

  3. Another benefit…from a business point of view…you can build a “end user” desktop which is much more “support person” friendly. Lock that shit down…and it is fairly stable…more stable than Windows out of the box.

    Now, having said that: I think Windows sucks for anything mission critical. SQL Server is a piece of shit. But, the fact is: Windows is the client (not server)of the mass, so I’m glad there are the Stardocks of the world to make it easier for all of us.

    Bottom line: IBM really fucked up when they adiosed. OS-2. My women loves Linux.

  4. I loved OS/2. Didn’t use it very long though. I hate SQL Server as well. Windows has gotten better though, as far as stability, but I have run nothing but NT (2000,XP) since about ’97. Most of the time if I have problems, they are of my own making. The only problem is that with Linux, I can usually back out and fix the problem, with Windows it is much harder, and I end of reformatting more often.

    Most stability problems under Windows can be attributed to crappy software that is full of memory leaks, etc. My HA server (running under XP) had been up with NO downtime for about two and a half years before the hard drive finally crapped out (it was a used hard drive).

  5. Well Richard, we’re just gonna have to continue this conversation over about 50 beers. Could be worse. We could talk about women.

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