Big Guns and Bigger Targets

My brother sent me a link to this video and I KNEW that Yabu would greatly appreciate it, along with a few other bloggers.

7 throughts on "Big Guns and Bigger Targets"

  1. As well as my husband. As Yabu would say, G was “downtown” with that. Too funny…
    (we watched that at the breakfast table…guns shooting cars…I’ve been hanging around way too many Georgians lately)

  2. When I worked with kids at after school programs we had a rule that no adult could ever be alone with kids, two per room etc. As I worked with more and more teachers I began thinking that there should be a similar rule AND teachers should be at least in their later 20s before being allowed to teach older kids.

  3. I’m right there with you. Unfortunately a lot of states aren’t spending the money to have teaching assistants any more. My wife started teaching when she was 28 and we had been married seven years at that point.

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