Windows Vista

Updated – I tried the Vista Easy Transfer tool (migwiz) and it works great. Transferred all of my music and email settings over without having to fool with importing and exporting from five or six different damn programs. Very cool. I still have to reinstall a few programs, but it seems to have kept the settings for the few I have messed with so far.

Originally Posted at 3:18pm on 12/14/2006

I managed to get Vista back up and running on here, but on a separate partition so that I could dual boot. I will end up slowly moving all of my apps over to it, but will probably cut out all of the extras from XP (what I am running now) and continue to use it for gaming. Most of the games that I play seem to have issues under Vista, at least right now.

It’s still the last RC release, I think it time bombs next summer at some point. By then I will either have upgraded or bought a new PC (I can wish anyway) that will be faster than what I have now. I am having some problems with the hardware that I am using for my HTPC so really need to put mine back over there, which is where it was in the first place. I had to completely do away with my home automation software and am basically just using it to watch TV and DVDs and listen to music.

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