Doesn’t get much tougher than this weekend…

…at work. My 3rd shift cook and his wife apparently got arrested over the weekend. I found out about fifteen minutes AFTER he was supposed to be there last night.

It took me about 45 minutes, but I finally got it covered with one of my former employees from another store. Finally got to go to bed.

When I arrived at work this morning, I was informed that my cook had called in about an hour prior and said that her boyfriend was sick and told her she could either call in OR quit. She won’t have to worry about that fucking dilemma again as she has been removed from the schedule entirely. Number one, all of my employees have been told that they HAVE to call me, or MY boss if they are calling in. Even if they just get my voice mail, as long as they call within an appropriate amount of time before their shift, I will accept that. Being too chicken shit to call me and just calling work either loses you more days, or gets you shitcanned. In this case it’s the latter because this is the second time in the last ten days.

I knew then that it was going to be a hard day, I was already running short one waitress but figured that we would be able to help them out. I still had my manager trainee, and while she is still slow as hell, she is doing pretty good.

About 8am some of my employees came in to get paid. I don’t normally pay in the middle of the shift, but went ahead and let my trainee do it. Well, about thirty minutes later, in rolls one of Temple’s finest. Apparently one of the hundreds that my trainee had paid my cook with was counterfeit and he tried to use it at the truck stop down the street. Once it was explained exactly what happened, he let my cook go, and he either made a really big mistake, or just didn’t want to do any paperwork. He left the hundred with me. Good for me. It ends up hitting my unit’s profits, but you can’t get better proof of a counterfeit than being able to attach it to the paperwork. I wasn’t very good, but even I didn’t catch it when I was doing my cash audit. The paper was fine, all of my employees know to mark bills over $10 and they do so religiously.

We started to get busy about nine AM and my trainee gets a call that her fiance and eleven year old had driven through the front of a laundromat. Damn. That’s about the time my day really started sucking bad. I ended up cooking most of the day by myself and we are fairly busy on the weekends. I finally got home from work about an hour ago, where I had planned to get home about three o’ clock. I guess we will decorate the tree tomorrow night.

Oh yeah, about five one of my third shift waitresses (for tonight) calls in and quits. Stupid bitch. I had planned on replacing her after the holidays anyway, but I guess she figured that if she was gonna quit before getting fired, might as well do so the week before Christmas.

Attrition is starting to whittle my staff down to what it should be, but AFTER next week. I need all the extra help I can get until then.

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