My Clever Associates

I had a pretty short day at work for the most part. Home by 2:30, which was very nice. We went to the Christmas party my boss puts on for her three kids and had a pretty good time. A nice little covered dish. It would have been nice to have more people actually bring food, but it was still enjoyable.

I had to go back to work for shift change since I am off tomorrow, and then came home to help the wife finish wrapping gifts and putting one together in preparation for our Christmas tomorrow. I had just finished up about 11:15 and one of my waitresses calls and says that the credit card machine won’t print.

Now let me tell you about this machine. It is literally designed for dumb asses to be able to use and not fuck up. It is a thermal printer, so no need to worry about running out of ink. The top flips up to allow you to lay the roll of paper in. No running though slots or catching the end on rollers. Just lay the fucker in and close it (the roller sits on top of the paper and is attached to the top). Designed for stupid fucking people. So I asked very specifically if they had opened it up and made sure that the paper was just laid in there and not put through, and I also asked if they had made sure to snap the top shut. Of course they had. I even asked a second time because I knew they had done something stupid and really didn’t want to drive to fucking work after 11pm. They insisted that it was just not working

Made the drive and walked in. 30 seconds later I was walking back out after laying the fucking paper in that they had shoved up and around the roller in a way that it wasn’t designed for. The machine was made for dumb asses and my third shift doesn’t even meet that criteria. Damn. I don’t think I said but maybe two works while I was in there. A couple of customers were laughing there asses off as I was on my way out the door. It is funny, and I am sure that they could tell I was pissed at my third shift. Three cretins that had to call me to lay a roll of paper in and shut the top. Real damn funny.

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2 throughts on "My Clever Associates"

  1. My favorite was when the old boss used to not keep that thermal paper stocked.
    LOADS of fun on a friday night rush with no paper for the credit card machine.

  2. That would suck. If it’s a case where I have forgotten to pull something I may hate it, but I will go back in to get it out. Over the years I have gotten pretty good about not forgetting anything but it does happen.

    It’s a pain in the ass when it’s someone elses fault or there are several people there and nobody has the brains to check the simple stuff. It’s akin to one of the managers calling the maintainence man (I have seen this) and telling him that a piece of equipment isn’t working. His first question is usually “did you check the breaker?” and when he shows up it’s the breaker. What a waste of time.

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