And So the Nightmare Begins

My third shift cook that only works two nights a week and that hung me LAST weekend because he was in the crossbar motel called about five o’ clock. He and his wife are on the schedule for tonight, tomorrow, and Christmas eve from something like 8pm-2pm. He said that his mother was flying in to Hartsfield tonight, but he didn’t know what time, and his wife’s car was in the shop, so they could not come in (and so on ad nauseum). He sounded drunk, but could have just been tired. They do work full time jobs during the week, which is why I let them off Christmas Day. They are the only people on my staff that are off on Christmas, mainly because they have to be back at work at 7am on the 26th.

I asked him why his wife couldn’t drive down to the airport and pick them up after dropping him off at work. He started arguing with me and started coming up with reasons why not. Basically it boils down to he was either drunk, or just decided to get fired prior to Christmas. If I was going to quit, it would be now, not afterward. I told him that he didn’t have a choice, it was not enough notice and he had to be there. He told me to do whatever I had to and if I needed to fire him that was fine. At that point I said “whatever” and hung up. I had to try and get the shift covered and go to bed in case I ended up working in his place. 30 minutes later he calls me back and asks why I hung up on him. I asked him if he was calling me back to tell me he was going to be there, at which point he said no, he wanted to know why I hung up on him. He was pretty pissed off. I told him that since I had to cook in his place I was sleeping, and hung up again. He has called back once, but I just let the asshole roll to voice mail, which he did not leave.

One of my two cooks for second shift just didn’t bother to show up today, so I suppose I have to get that covered. I am going in to work in about a half hour to cook for awhile and see if I can cover tomorrow. The good thing is that this guy is not That good anyway, so would have been replaced eventually anyway. I just hate that it had to be this weekend. My Christmas Day just keeps getting longer and longer.

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