Back to a semblance of normality…

…is where we are at this week. The holidays are over and it’s back to work for the wife today. The smallest one went back to the daycare yesterday, and the two oldest start school tomorrow, just in time for my two days off. I am still a little congested, but I feel much better today than I have in a week. Still pretty weak, but nothing a day of rest won’t cure.

Unfortunately that won’t be today. It’s my seventh day at work, and shaping up to be long one. I managed to bugger up my schedule and I originally had the gentleman I have cooking last night coming back in at noon. Don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I made the schedule. I told him on the phone this morning that I would just cook for him until 4PM or so. Considering that I get my food delivery around noon today, that is going to make for a fun-filled day. I will be lucky if I get to leave before nine tonight.

The wife was not particularly happy with me yesterday. You see, she was pulled over on her way to the Doctor’s office yesterday afternoon for having an expired tag. If you recall, my birthday was December Fourth. Just a wee bit late. I have remedied that situation online, and printed the necessary documentation to leave in the cars until the stickers actually get here. Damn, a $150.00 fine. Not good, and one of us is bound to get pulled over at least once more before the stickers get here. The paperwork and receipts should be enough to convince the officer not to write a citation, but you never know. Thank goodness for online transactions though…saved me from waiting in line.

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