Norton Anti-Virus Beta

I am currently testing Norton Antivirus 2007 beta for Windows Vista. Up until I started running Vista I used Mcafee Viruscan, mainly because it is free as a paid AOL user. Not that I run their software much, but I do keep it for my Grandmother’s use as it is her only Internet access. Mcafee, or at least the version that AOL uses, is not compatible with Windows Vista, so I started looking at different AV products awhile back. The main thing for me is that I needed it to be non-intrusive. The only thing I want it to do is catch viruses. I don’t need all of that other security crap. Either it is built in to Windows, or I use other products that I like better.

I haven’t had any problems with the beta version I am running (it’s been installed for about a week now), so as long as it stays that way I will stick with it. I like Norton 2007, and as soon as this trial beta version times out I will most likely purchase it from these guys. I checked the prices against what Norton charges in their online store, and they are comparable.

This is (hopefully) a paid advertisement.

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  1. I finally switched over to the full-blown AVG version from Grisoft. I’d been using the free version for a while on another computer but got sick of MacAfee and the rest so I paid for AVG’s Network Edition. Had it for a few months and I really like it. Worth checking out.

  2. I used to run AVG, but it’s been quite awhile, prior to 2000 I think, because while I was working in Norcross I was running Norton Corporate version since I did so much work from home.

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