Wiring and Re-wiring

Since I have reclaimed my PC and put together spare parts for my home theater setup, I have been having more and more problems with the HTPC. I finally just shut down and disconnected the server last week. It sucks. I don’t watch much TV, so it hasn’t been a huge issue, but for the TV watching segment of the family, including all three kids, this has been a real big issue so I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon and evening taking apart my home theater setup, rewiring, finding the old DVD player, and making sure everything works correctly. What a pain in the ass.

I still have to set up the remote and hook up a couple of gaming consoles, but it is all together now. I have put my TV tuners in my personal box, at least that way I can record stuff off normal cable, just not the higher channels. I am probably going to hook up my Ocelot and install Homeseer on it too, which I haven’t had running in a few months.

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