Our visit to Verizon or How NOT to handle Customer Service

My brother and I drove to Carrollton around noon along with my youngest and my son. I finally managed to get in touch with the guy who had the cell phone, apparently he was in church in Newnan, which is about 40 minutes from there. We agreed to meet at 5PM this evening in Carrollton to get my cell phone back. In the meantime, we decided to stop and eat lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. The owner is a friend of mine and a former regular customer (only former because I am at a new store, not because I ran him off) then we paid a visit to the Verizon Wireless store in Carrollton, which is a corporate store.

I explained what had happened with his phone being stolen. There were a couple hundred text messages which had been sent and then deleted, and a few phone calls, one being long distance. I also explained that the Verizon Reseller in Villa Rica had suggested insurance fraud to get him a new phone cheaper and talked my wife into adding insurance on his phone. This woman’s answer was “You can’t add insurance, this has to be done within 15 days of purchase”. Excuse the fuck out of me, but I have the printout where the reseller removed the “insurance declined” on his phone.

Her answer to the text messages and any charges was that I needed to speak to “customer service” and that she couldn’t help me. I guess she must be the highly paid door greeter since obviously she has no customer service.

As far as me telling her that the Villa Rica reseller is not only condoning insurance fraud, but suggesting it to customers, her answer was “They are an authorized Verizon dealer”. Now what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Bitch. Thanks for the help. The lack of interest and the fact that she obviously doesn’t give a shit about her company makes me want to dump them and find another carrier. If I could do so without incurring a shitload of penalties I would do it tomorrow.

Since that is not an option, I have some research to do. I will do the same thing that I did with Blockbuster a couple of years ago, and email the crap out of all of the division presidents and anyone else in the marketing department that wants to hear it, demand that I not get charged for anything that happened on his phone over the last week, and that they let him re-download the ringers that were deleted, otherwise I will start hammering on the better business bureau and anyone else that will listen on the Internet. Asshats. The more I think about their reaction, the more pissed off that I get. Obviously this is not a company as a whole, or even representative of most of them, but the attitude of “don’t give a shit seems to permeate companies as they get bigger and don’t have to worry about one customer that pays $180/month in phone bills. That’s a drop in the bucket for them I guess.

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  1. awe, pay them whatever they want. chavez is stealing venezuela’s phone system from them. i think he said today that he didn’t intend to pay either. they are just finding another way to have americans pay for dictators that hate us. thanks for doing your own little part!!

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