Cameras Found in the Waffle House Bathroom

Police found hidden cameras in the women’s room at the Waffle House in Mirror Lake community, which is part of Villa Rica, GA, but sits just inside Douglas County, not Carroll County as WSB TV has been reporting. I’ve made light of this most of the day and talked about bringing my camera to work next week, but it’s a pretty serious issue. This guy is a fucking scumbag. Apparently he was transmitting the images wirelessly to computers and possibly burning them to DVD as well.

What I have heard from customers that were in there and other people that live in Villa Rica pretty closely mirrors the other information that has been on the news today. It sounds like this guy is going to be spending some quality time down at the iron bar motel. Hell, if they find any minors on the videos, he will go away for a long LONG time on charges whatever charges that they file on sexual predators.

There goes my fucking stock (what little I have anyway).

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7 throughts on "Cameras Found in the Waffle House Bathroom"

  1. Do you live around here? It’s been open a little less than a year if I recall. Sits across the street from a Publix.

    I live two exits up from there is why I am asking.

  2. Well, it is probably the safest damn restaurant in the area now that the police and all of the WH upper management has spent the last couple of days there 🙂

    I live right down the road in Temple, so go through Villa Rica quite often myself.

  3. Well, I haven’t been to that one ever myself, and I can only think of three times I’ve ever been in a Waffle House — including for lunch last Christmas. :-/

    Don’t think I’ve been to the bathrooms in any of those.

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