Tossing and Turning

I slept like shit last night. Well, maybe not exactly like shit but I tossed and turned and didn’t get nearly enough sleep. The smallest one has been in bed with us the last two nights, but I am not even sure that was it as I didn’t sleep very well the night before either. I may be able to get a bit more rest later this week though as my newest manager trainee has to work the graveyard shift for me all week so I am pulling the guy that usually cooks it up on days with me. Lazy week, but those are occasionally nice.

I am finally having that legal investigation against me on Thursday morning. I probably will not post the details once it does but at least the general gist of what it was about and how it went. That’s one of the things that make my job so difficult. It’s hard enough having to let someone go that has a family to support but when they are just a sorry sack of shit that has to turn around and complain about discrimination because the only way that they can keep their job is to threaten you with that crap, it just pisses me off. Maybe he can get a job at the car wash across the street, but I doubt he will hold it long, as they expect you to work.

The doctor gave us a prescription for Zantac for the middle child yesterday and told us to keep watching her diet. Anything with acid in it we have to be careful to moderate the amounts. At least she (the doctor) didn’t say we have to completely cut it out of her diet. It’s a pain in the ass when the stuff you want to eat is only the stuff that is not good for you.

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