New Blog Post software

Just testing out a new blog posting I found via giveawayoftheday. I stuck the widget for it down in the bottom left of the sidebar. So far it seems pretty cool. It’s called post2blog. It’s a bit different than Zoundry, which is what I have been using, but offers support for flickr, as well as some other stuff.

I can’t find a setting for it to automatically ping sites for me, not sure if I like that or not. There are a shitload of places to ping from this, plus it lets you add more, which is something Zoundry doesn’t let you do. It also includes a firefox extension and a plugin for IE. I went back to Firefox today since I have had so many problems with IE and a memory leak. I tend to leave my browser window open overnight with several tabs open, and Internet Exploder was just sucking up all of my resources.