Five Things I Hate About My Employees

1. They can’t show up on time and don’t know the meaning of the word alarm clock. It just doesn’t matter to them. I have sent people home, and even fired the worst offenders, and yet I always seem to have one or two that think “on time” means dragging their asses in at the last minute, clocking in, and then spending another 20 minutes to get dressed. Come to work in uniform, clock in on your way out to the floor. It’s very simple. Just do it.

2. They don’t care about the business as much as I do, even when it affects their paycheck. Some of my folks have been with the company for over 20 years. It is obvious that this is the only career they will ever have. Help take care of things and you will make more money.

3. Stealing is not a problem, to them it’s just another way to get a paycheck. There is always a bit of theft in the restaurant business, but I shouldn’t have to question the integrity of the great majority of my employees.

4. They are not here for the customer, the customer is here for their paycheck. This is mainly the attitude of the younger people that have started jobs within the last couple of years. Customer service means just that, not that they are here to serve you.

5. If they clean at home the way they do here, they must live in a pig pen. I have seen some of their houses. It’s true.

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2 throughts on "Five Things I Hate About My Employees"

  1. Hello. Erin O’Brien here. I learned more about people during my years as a waitress than any other time of my life. I should do some blogging about it.


  2. It is a pretty eye opening occupation. I make all of my manager trainees wait tables for a bit of time before doing anything else. It is the hardest job in any restaurant.

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