Ain’t Technology Great?

So I have to get up early on my day off. I have been shorthanded all week, so one of my former employees agreed to work four nights for me, provided I supply transportation. I am not a damn taxi driver, but I figure if given a choice between working 3rd shifts all week and picking his ass up it’s a no-brainer. The girls are home sick with me today, one with pink eye and the other with a cold, so the three of us picked him up and took him home.

I had to go by the bank and make a quick deposit. I am used to filling out the deposit slip before I leave the house, then sticking everything in an envelope. Not anymore. When I got to the bank (which is closed at this time of day) I went around to the ATM and discovered it had slightly changed. You put in your card and tell it what you want, but then you insert your bills and checks and it scans them, totals the deposit, and then spits back a receipt with the scanned image of the check right on it. Very cool.

This doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but gadgets excite me. That was just too damn cool.

We are back home now. The girls are messing around with Valentine cards because you have to start them off early to turn them into good little consumers, right? Either way it gives me the opportunity to blog for a little while and maybe surf some of the sites that I haven’t had the chance to over the weekend.

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