Weekend Open Trackback Post

I am going to be very short help this weekend, and look to be working about 40 hours over the next three days so don’t know how much time I will get for posting this weekend, so this is going to be my open trackback post for the next three days.

Unfortunately I have a couple of people on vacation, two in the hospital, and a couple more with relatives hospitalized. Hope you all get to feeling better over the next few days.

I may have a little time this evening for some posting, but really just don’t know. Later dudes.

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12 throughts on "Weekend Open Trackback Post"

  1. Hey Chief,
    Just wanted to let you know when I tried to send the TB first time I got the message
    ‘You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later.’
    All the best,

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look. One thing I have noticed is that quite a few of the trackbacks I am getting get thrown into spam until I approve them, even though I have the category set to let anyone trackback.

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