Another Long Day

I am still cramping, hopefully this will get better as the day goes along. I have to work again until shift change tonight although I may be able to get out of there slightly early. My boss would probably come work for me, but she has one manager off and another on vacation this week, so things are pretty much locked in for her. If I tried hard I could probably get myself covered, but I had to pay three cooks yesterday just to replace me, so i can’t really afford it. Almost 21 hours of pay that I had not planned on hitting my payroll this week. I really need to save some money there somewhere but just don’t see any way right now. That’s the biggest issue for me, and why I almost never call in sick. I get paid off my profits, and that was over $150 that I had to spend just because I have the shits.

I may be able to borrow one of the manager trainees this morning though, which would be nice as that wouldn’t cost me anything. I’ll know in an hour or so if I have any extra help. I’m crossing my fingers.