Why Am I Still Awake?…

…at 2:30 AM. 22 Hours after I got out of bed last.

Good question and one which doesn’t have a real clear answer other than the fact that sometimes I am a dumb ass of the third degree. Actually I have a black belt in dumbassery.

I got up at the usual time yesterday, about 4:30 AM or so. Surfed the web, posted a little bullshit, a couple of paid ads, drank coffee. Normally I will hit the shower between 5:30 and 6:00. Since I work so much closer to home now it has more often than not been closer to 6 AM. Then I go to work, getting there by 6:30. I was pretty worn out by the time the first shift was over so I locked everything up, picked up the four year old and came home. I attempted to nap for awhile, but was only partially successful.

I had to go back to work at 8:30 to oversee the next shift change and finish the paperwork that I had locked in the office earlier in the day. Count all of the food in the restaurant, count the money, make up my bank deposit so I could drop it at the bank on the way home. Deal with 100 stupid things that needed to be dealt with. It was around midnight when I finally got home. Very rarely can I just come home from work and go to bed. I have to have a bit of wind down time. Normally that’s spent on the computer. I posted some more, and surfed for a few minutes.

Unfortunately the four year old is developing a pretty nasty cough. I took her to the doctor late last week and they said she was coming down with a cold, so we have been fighting that. I am letting her sleep on the couch tonight, she is pretty congested and will sleep better reclining than being flat on her back. That I guess is the main reason I am still up listening to her cough. She’s had some medicine now though, hopefully she will start sleeping a little better, because I am getting pretty droopy here. Nodding off and making all sorts of typing errors. Thank god for spell check. Now if it could just check my grammar and post for me too, all would be well in my world.

I was going to keep her home Friday and spend tomorrow sleeping in, but I may reverse that and keep her here tomorrow. I have someone’s laptop to fix, and taxes to do for one of my waitresses, as well as a couple of netflix DVDs that I still need to copy and send back, so that I can watch them later. I don’t guess I will be getting much in the way of rest tomorrow. One can only hope that they let me sleep in for at least a little while. Since the girl is sick, if she stays home she may sleep in as well. I damn sure am keeping my fingers crossed.