Day Off

This splitting up my days off is weird. I went back to work today and didn’t feel like doing a damn thing. I managed to get everything done that needed doing prior to 2 PM, shot off to my meeting, and actually made it home by 5 PM. That’s great for a Thursday. So here I am. The wife and girls have gone to softball practice, so I figured that would give me the opportunity to catch up on some email and posting. I am also off tomorrow, that will be REALLY nice. I am keeping the four year old home with me tomorrow, so I won’t be spending the entire day blogging, but I am sure I will be able to squeeze some time in there somewhere.

I am in the middle of downloading and installing Windowblinds 5.5 from Object Desktop. It has been updated to be compatible with the 32bit version of Windows Vista. I mentioned the other day about Dreamscapes and Stardock Deskscapes. I made my own animated background the other day. I had the girls beating on the window shouting let me out, let me out, pulled that in from my camera, and converted the digital video to an mpeg that I am now using as my desktop background. Now it looks like the girls are beating on the inside of my monitor trying to get out. Pretty cool actually, and THEY loved it. I will try and get a capture of it tomorrow and upload it to youtube so you guys can see what Vista is capable of.

Anyway, it’s off to read email and click some links. I will post more later this evening I am sure. Not going back in for drawer change (for a change) so I will be around all evening if anyone wants to shoot the shit.