For awhile there it looked like there was going to be a blog meet in Las Vegas, but that sort of didn’t pan out. I would have loved to go, but really can’t afford it right now anyway. I have only been to Las Vegas once, 22 years ago. My friend Chris that passed away last years was in Construction Battalion in the Navy. He was based just north of Los Angeles for the last year that he was in, and at the end of one leave, he wanted to get his car back there from Atlanta, so I helped him drive out there, and then he flew me back. It took a few days and along the way we basically made three stops. We stopped to sleep in Texas once, we stopped at the Grand Canyon, and we also stopped in Las Vegas. It was the first time either of us had been there, so we spent a little extra time. We got a room at the Holiday Inn on the strip, and hung out at some of the casinos, checked out some of the sites, and looked at some of the Vegas homes.

It was about three months before my 18th birthday, but we didn’t have too many problems. I did manage to get carded at Caesars Palace, and they threw us out, but otherwise it was a pretty good trip.

I enjoyed the trip out there, and like most places I go to on vacation I wanted to move there for awhile. If I did, I think I would have to move into one of the high rise condos rather than a home. There are some pretty good deals on Las Vegas homes, but if I were to move somewhere like that, I think I would want it to be pretty low maintenance for me.