February 24, 2007

The killer awoke…

His thoughts were scattered and he struggled to get them under control. Control was the order of the day and the only way he could manage to navigate around the inferiors that scurried around and made his life miserable. Sleep was the only escape from them; the sleep of the dead. He did not dream,…Read more

Spam Post #482,567

What’s up with the spam? It goes through periods of time where I am receiving one thing, and then another. I just deleted about 50 emails that were “returned” from other servers for contain ‘viruses’. I have seen these before. Usually it will last for a week or so, then go to something else. I…Read more

Shutdown Day!

I ran across this on someone’s blog first thing this morning, and I cannot remember where. If you had it posted, leave me a comment and I will put your link here. What can I say, sometimes I’m a dumbass. Memory’s the second thing to go, so they say. I can’t remember what the first…Read more