Not too bad of a day for a Saturday…

Just got home from work. I ended up having a little bit of help today, so it was a short one for me, which is always nice. The boy is going to play paint-ball and the wife is napping, with Pete at the ballfields, so it is just RePete and myself. Once I have posted a bit and checked my email I think we are going out to plant a tree.

It’s about time to start cleaning my yard up and decide how big of a garden I want this year. I meant to bring some Jabanero peppers with me to the Helen blogmeet last year for Yabu, but I left them sitting on the counter. I have a couple of them in the ground that I am hoping come back this year. It was the first year that I have tried to grow them, so I don’t know how well the roots survive the winter. If not I will probably grow some in containers.

I had a huge crop of tomatoes, and peppers (bells, bananas, chili’s, jabaneros, hell even some I don’t remember) last year. I am thinking about a small area with corn this year. I have a pretty small yard, but I think I could manage a couple of rows of eight or ten plants.

I am also expanding the area around the goldfish pond again. I really need a tiller, but I will do most of it by hand. The soil sucks so bad here that I end up tilling it and then mixing with potting soil and top soil before I plant. Probably I will put in some more of the really big elephant ears. They look great later in the summer when they are really huge. There’s some pictures here somewhere if you want to see.