Devil Knots

There are some things that you always remember about your kids, no matter how much time goes by. When the boy was small, we had these little blue airplane looking things that we put over his shoelaces in order to keep them tied. Eventually they went the way of all things that belong to little kids, they disappeared. We started tyeing his shoes in double knots, but somehow HE heard “devil knots”. Devil knots they have been, through all three kids.

With Pete, it was the red man. On her walker there was a bar that we could put on (I think it was on her walker) and it had three little guys on it that would spin. She would invariably go after Red Man every time.

I actually feel pretty good today. The wife bought me some vitamins yesterday. I have taken them for two days now and I am not quite as exhausted as I have felt for the last couple of weeks. It’s a nice feeling to be at work and actually accomplish something besides wanting to rush out the door the entire day. Of course I could still find better things to be doing, but at least I was able to get some stuff done.

The boy has apparently hurt his wrist, the dumbass. Not for hurting himself, but for the fact that he did it at least a couple of weeks ago. He hasn’t been working out, but didn’t bother to say anything to us. The wife made him an appointment for Friday since I am off. They may need to X-Ray his wrist. Hopefully all will be well.

One of my old manager trainees called me this morning at work asking if I could send her a cook. As I generally cook by myself I don’t have any extras to send, but when I asked her why she told me that she had worked a triple shift and was working on her fourth and just needed some help. Shit. That’s not the way we do things, so I asked her what her boss had said or done last night when she called him with her staffing. She said, “well, he didn’t answer the phone. At that point I would have started working my way up the chain of command until I found some help, but she is new. That is exactly what I did. I called her bosses boss, and when he didn’t answer the damn phone, I called the Area Vice President. She had some help shortly after that and was told to take the day off. Sucks to be her, but she should have picked up the phone yesterday, rather than waiting until 7:15 this morning after she had been there for 25 hours.