Prayer at Rumayla

One thing I don’t believe that I have mentioned before is that my little brother is a writer, and a pretty decent one at that. One of his books that I believe is currently out of print is called ‘Prayer at Rumayla; A Novel of the Gulf War’. He is doing it in an audio podcast and the book will be going back into print later this year. Right now you can get the podcast for free through iTunes, but he is asking for reviews over at his site. You can get more details about Prayer at Rumayla here and don’t forget to visit his blog while you are there.

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4 throughts on "Prayer at Rumayla"

  1. HOLY SMOKES! That podcast was wonderful! Wow! Such emotions that stirred in me.

    I tried to leave a comment over at his page, but it wouldn’t give me anything to do that with. Is it just my computer, or is it because I don’t have a blog? I wonder.

    But, anyway, that was most excellent!

  2. I had some issues trying to leave him a comment last week as well, I will let him know again. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, but I read the book a few years back.

  3. Yeah, you and everyone else. I did some work this afternoon to make it a little easier. Why make things a pain in the ass for people?

    Glad you liked the podcast. Will try to get chapter two up by next Thursday or so!

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