Should be an interesting day

RePete is still sick. She seems to be getting over whatever bug she has, but is going to have to stay home today. Since it’s my turn, I am keeping her today. The only crappy part is that I am going to have to get her up and drag her into work for at least an hour or so for drawer change and to make sure I am staffed. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping everyone shows up. It’s going to be bad enough to have her with me without having to be there an extra hour or two trying to cover the shift.

Pete has her first softball game of the year tonight. It’s going to be cold too, so I am sure that will be a blast. The wife has to work late so I will get them all ready and feed them (I occasionally let them eat) and have her ready to walk out the door.

Since I am going to be home today I have a few things I need to work on today. Still having problems with the html and CSS code I was working on over the weekend. It is a custom blog setup, so none of the standard MT stuff is being used in the stylesheet, so for the life of me I can’t figure out what the heck is screwed up. I’m just going to load it all up in my html editor and put each item of the old CSS into a standard MT stylesheet, so that it is portable later on. That’s the only problem with custom stylesheets that use their own terms instead of the ones everyone else is using, you can’t replace it later (or it’s much more difficult) with one of the stock ones from the MT library.

I have all three of my blogs set up using different style sheets, but they are all interchangeable. I can swap out the style sheet for a different look with very minimal changes, even with all of the heavy customization that I have done with this one.