The Game Was Fun…

…and the girls kicked ass. 15 to 2. I broke one of our rules since it was the first game of the season, and let Pete go to Pizza Hut with her friends. I was not going to with having to get up so early, but one of the other parents offered to bring her home. She’s a cop, and the wife knows her, so I feel pretty confident about leaving Pete with them.

If it had not been the first game of the season I would have just had to piss Pete off though. School nights her bed time is 9 PM and we are very strict about that. We finally quit making the Boy go to bed at a certain time when he hit about 17, figuring that he was adult enough to make that decision himself. If he can manage to go to school and make good grades after staying up all night, he is more than welcome to. Normally he hits the sack before we do.

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