Up Too Soon…

Seems like I just went to bed. Actually I was up about 3 AM and went back to bed about an hour ago. I sure didn’t want to get back out of bed again. Being home most of the day yesterday interrupted my routine. I’ve got three more days before I get a day off but I am ready for it now.

Today will be another fairly long day, as I have a bunch of stuff that should have been done yesterday to do. I still don’t know what kind of organizational changes they will be making over the next few weeks, but I do know it’s coming, so that is pretty stressful. Between that and desperately needing my vacation I just want to stay in bed for a few more hours.

Pete has softball practice tonight at 5:30 so I know that I will manage to get out of there before it is too terribly late, no matter what else I manage to get finished today.

I’m not making too much sense this morning (and it’s a good thing I have spellcheck) so I am going to quit while I am ahead but don’t forget to head over to the Battle of the Blogs today and cast your vote.