Priests to Purify Site After President Bush Visit

Apparently Mayan priests (I didn’t realize there was still such a thing) will purify an archaeological site after President Bush pays it a visit next week. According to Juan Tiney, the director of a Mayan organization;

“That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture,”

Gimme a break with this. The only people getting ‘persecuted’ are here illegally. Persecution my rear end.

This is one of my weekend open trackback posts for March 9th, 10th, and 11th.

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19 throughts on "Priests to Purify Site After President Bush Visit"

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  3. Apparently they didn’t see “Apocalypto” and know nothing but rubish about their own despicable history except what is made up by the romantic propagandists with their nativistic, racist, utopian idiocy! The decadent communist perverts should be purifying their own people. Mental and moral pygmies. Have a nice day!

  4. I Know it? Illegal But . . .

    For many in our world there is no such thing as absolute morality. There? no such thing as a black and white, open and shut case. For these folks, all thoughts, issues, choices, and actions must be examined through various shades of innumerable mur…

  5. I Disagree

    No, not with the conclusion of this article that San Francisco State University should drop all action against the College Republicans ? for they should, based upon Supreme Court precedent permitting flag desecration. On the whole, I agree with the…

  6. The International Crepitation Contest

    The International Crepitation Contest was a recording of trained athletes breaking wind in various categories in order to garner Gold Medals. A real gas.

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  8. My god he had drug issues from his previous resident in mission, sd. who knows if he did that sick sad stuff there. and WTF! what was the dude in the shower with the kid for in the first place my god!! Poor child prayers for you little guy.

  9. My god he had drug issues from his previous resident in mission, sd. who knows if he did that sick sad stuff there. and WTF! what was the dude in the shower with the kid for in the first place my god!! Poor child prayers for you little guy.

  10. my God Josh… what the fuck is wrong with you! He’s a baby for godsake! I wish I didn’t know you!

  11. When I first heard about this, I thought….OH MY GOD, almost everybody would brag this guy up, about his personality, his artwork and who he’s been with, or what he’s done….he’s the SHIT!! All I hear is talk about Joshua Iron Shell, NONE OF YOU talk or are concerned about what happened or what will become of this child!! What if this was your child?? Well guess what….NONE of you know this guy!! YOU thought you did…and for this WOMAN that he’s with, for her to NOT inform the proper authorities, when this happened or maybe it’s happened before…I hope she rots in hell!! I don’t know either one of them, but when it comes to abusing a child, whether it’s GOD, the authorities or the inmates, you will get what’s coming to you!! (When the INMATES find out about what he has done to this child, it won’t be enough, this baby still has his whole life ahead of him…BUT, the baby will never be the same.) Nobody wants to say anything about the fact that he’s probably done this before!! I’ll bet you anything that he has, ask the mother(s) of his 2 children….I’m sure they’ll both deny that he has done this before for fear they’ll be judged in the same manner, but there’s a reason why he’s no longer with them!! Or maybe he was on drugs when this incident happened, wasn’t he arrested before on drug charges?? He looks like a CRACKHEAD!! You can’t just all of sudden lose it on a child for no reason, this had to be going on for awhile, it just finally caught up with him!! Thankfully, he didn’t kill the child, but that still doesn’t take away what he has done. Either way, they both need to be charged, and for anyone to stick up for either one of these MONSTERS…should be charged, too! THIS IS NOT ABOUT JOSHUA OR THE NEGLECTING MOTHER, IT’S ABOUT THE 2 YR. OLD BABY!!!! PUT THE BABY FIRST WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT THIS INCIDENT!!!

  12. This little boy is my best friend’s nephew. His father has been trying for months to keep in contact with Katrina, who has ignored his attempts to contact. Katrina left Darrek in the care of her minor sister for the entire summer while she was off running around with Joshua, whom she met online. Thankfully, Darrek is doing better now and seems happy during the time he spends with his biological father and family. Even Katrina’s parents are concerned for darrek’s welfare and are hoping that her parental rights are removed. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he will be returned to his father so that he can be properly cared for and won’t have to worry about being beaten to death. Katrina is irresponsible and ignorant and she never have put her own needs over the needs of her son. Darrek is a sweet, happy little boy when he is with his daddy. I worry about him constantly and hope that all turns out okay. Love you Darrek!

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