Nine More Shopping Days…

…obviously not until Christmas. My vacation. I have gotten to where I am counting the days now. Kind of expected since I am a couple of months overdue for this one. Other than a get-together I am planning to have on the 31st that I have yet to send out any emails about (well, maybe one) I am just going to hand at the house and do some yard work. My yard looks like crap coming out of the winter and needs some TLC.

I need to clean out the goldfish pond and mulch the flower beds. I may put in another small garden, but I haven’t really decided about that one yet. Most likely just a few containers of tomatoes and peppers this year, maybe with some cukes as well.

I also need to decide what I am going to plant in my great grandmother’s flower boxes. They still need to be cleaned up a bit, but I have the heavy ass things out on my front sidewalk just waiting for something cool to be planted.

Here’s some pictures I have posted over the last couple of years.

That’s the pond (duh)

Here is the area right around the pond. This must have been taken a bit later in the year. My pepper plants were getting pretty damn big.

That’s the area right around the bottom of my back porch. Those suckers get bigger every year.

Here’s another shot of the pond from two years ago if I recall. A friend of my wife’s was moving and didn’t want to hassle with her pond, so we picked up a bunch of Koi out of her nasty ass pond. All of them are dead now. The only fish that seem to survive here year in and year out are the 10 cent goldfish that I bought at Walmart when I first put the pond in.

I thought I actually had some more pictures up. There seem to be some missing, and there is no telling what category I filed them under. I managed to clean up the categories last month, but there are bound to be a few lost posts in there.

It’s about time for me to get off my ass and get ready for work. It will be pretty busy today, and then tomorrow I actually get to leave for awhile. We are doing a Waffle Party for three different classes tomorrow, about 70 kids. They always have a blast, and it generally doesn’t cost the schools anything. All three and four years olds tomorrow, so that will be cool.

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