I need to do some posts and just can’t get my head around it tonight. I didn’t get very much sleep last night due to work and I am bone tired.

The started calling me about 10 PM or so. I had scheduled a company to come in a clean the hood (exhaust fan) around 10 PM or so, and even wrote it on the schedule so that they could see. The called me anyway because they are to stupid to read the schedule. Then they called me around midnight, and again at 1 AM. Most of the stuff in my store is on GFI circuits, and any kind of moisture whatsoever will throw the breaker. I guess that according to code the exhaust fan has to be included in this, so my exhaust fan was out from 10 PM last night until about 9 this morning. We spent the great majority of the day cleaning it up. Anyway, when the fan goes out, for instance when there’s no power, we prop open the front and back doors and deal with it.

The first call I told them to check the switch and make sure it was on, and then check the breaker. About 45 minutes later they called to tell me it wasn’t working and asked what to do. I told them to prop the doors open and keep working. The finally called again, the last one at 1 AM. I explained what was wrong and that there was nothing to be done except to just keep on working.

The restaurant looked like crap when I got there, as if having the fan off was something that would keep them from actually performing their jobs. I sent them home and we cleaned it up. Our damn construction guys are too cheap to fix something like this, so the maintenance man rewired everything for me this morning so that it wouldn’t happen again.

I also had a waffle party to do today for the day care right down the street for me. The have pre-k classes there as well, so we did two pre-k classes, and then RePete’s class. The kids had a ball. Waffles and OJ and coloring pages for all. I was a nice distraction from work for a couple of hours.

The meeting wasn’t too terribly bad today. I managed to get out of there shortly before 5 PM and here I am. Pretty tired but none the worse for wear I suppose.

I really need to find some people with half a brain to work my night shift.