Free Dating Site

I see dating site ads all over the internet. Most of them are at least initially disguised as being ‘free’ until you get to the part where you have to enter your credit card information. All I can say is that I am glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore. I suppose that online dating is easier than the bar scene though. At least you have the opportunity to screen out potential creeps and stalkers and get to know someone a tiny bit before meeting them. Obviously everything that they say could be a lie, but generally you do get a sense of the person’s personality. is a truly free site for Online Dating. They offer the same features as all of the pay sites and is just as good. The sign up process is pretty easy and simple. A couple of quick pages about who you are and describing yourself. In order to keep the service free, they do require that you look at several pages of ads before you get into the service itself. I had to look at three pages of ads to get in.

It seems to be a pretty good site if you are looking for a date. There are plenty of listings as well. One thing that pleased me was that when I went to delete my account, it was right there in the settings tab, it asked me why and deleted it. Overall I was very pleased.