Stayed Up Too Late…

…last night.

I don’t have much of anything to post this morning other than this. The car is warming up in the driveway. I think I finally finished up at around 11:30 last night therefore I didn’t wake up until almost six this morning, about and hour later than normal.

As usual, is dragging butt, and my page won’t load right away because of it. The two blogrolls that I joined recently are going to be getting stuck in entries and then linked to from the main page very soon I suppose. One of them requires that you have it on the front page, so I may have to drop it. I will wait and see. It’s just not a good thing for the page to take 30+ seconds to load just because of one little script. Impatient people like me tend to close the page and go on to the next site.

Looking over at ‘On This Day’ I see that we were in New Orleans two years ago tomorrow. I may relink/repost some of those photos this evening when I get home. It’s time to go back.